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Community Fishing Report - Idaho Fishing Resources

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About Community Fishing Report

Community Fishing Report has been online in one form or another for about a decade now, and has been met with varying degrees of interest and engagement. Originally, like so many dusty and cobwebbed online fishing forums, the concept was to allow users to post their fishing trips to share with the world. The theory was that a hybrid bragging board and community support tool would arise. It was never about telling people "where" to fish, but helping them learn the how and why.

Alas, we anglers are still a secretive folk. Despite having booths at a few different local fishing shows over the years and being met with great excitement, the "community" part of CFR never materialized. Even when the site was getting hundreds of visits a month, nobody would post an experience they had in order to help others. Everyone just wanted to get information, but nobody wanted to give any.

As the author of CFR has ventured further in their own personal fishing journey, they came to think differently about the concept of fishing reports in general. What works one day may not work the next. What works for one angler may not work for another. And yes, the more people learn about where the good fishing is, the better the chance that the good fishing could get ruined for the people who were there first and worked hard to get their information before everyone else. And though still fully convinced that the power of the internet and a hypothetical community of anglers can and should be a powerful tool in making fishing better for everyone, they realized they did not have the energy or the power to force it to happen singlehandedly.

CFR currently hopes to provide a one stop show for those newer to planning fishing and camping trips. Fishing is wild and unpredictable, and that's why it is beloved. If a fishing report is still what you're after, they are out there and this site can and will point you to some useful ones. But if you want to get out there and roll the dice on a day that will certainly be better than work, CFR hopes to provide you with a bigger picture about what your options for doing so might be. Especially if it's somewhere you have never been!

And along the way, if you find that you know of a road closure, a campsite which no longer exists, or a pond that has dried up, and you'd like to help get that kind of information out to people so that they don't waste their time... CFR would love to have more people like you help update our content. Drop us a line.