Big Surprise Downtown

How Was The Fishing?

Took a little fly fishing trip in town with a buddy from BVFF. We started at Barber Park around 11 am on a cool cloudy day that I expected just had to bring out some Blue Wing Olive mayflies, and hopefully trout to go with it. I also knew, from following the IF&G site with probably more interest than is healthy, that a bunch of planters had just gone in as well. ( ) So hopes were high.

I stepped into the water with a 10' 3/4 wt fly rod and European nymphing leader. If you haven't heard of that before, don't worry, I hadn't either until a month or two ago. Worth looking up though, I've been catching fish that way for sure. I had a sparkly green woolly bugger with a brass bullet head as the "point fly" (heaviest fly that goes deepest) and about a foot above that had a tippet ring tied to the bottom of my leader. Off the tippet ring I trailed maybe 4" of line with a red san juan worm attached. It wasn't long before I'd caught some 10-12 inchers on both. Worth noting, I gave up on European style pretty quickly and put on a small indicator.

Not long after we started fishing we did indeed see some fish coming up for BWOs. I switched to a size 14-16 upright wing pattern to match them off and on and did hook and land some fish that way.

Around 1:30 we got tired of catching the small ones and drove to a different spot downstream. I won't draw you a map- and I expect there was nothing special about the spot anyway- but I had an extremely pleasant surprise in the urban fishing area F&G established (2 fish limit, none under 14"). The same green woolly bugger hooked me a 21" brown trout that made for quite a fight on the small rod. With patience though it came to net, and with the help from a random stranger playing fetch with her dog I got the photo of my year. Have to love living right on a river like this. And so glad I wore the CFR hat today!