Southwest Idaho January Fishing Report (Family Fishing)


This week's report is focused on some family friendly fishing opportunities this winter.

Close to Home

Idaho Fish and Game continues to stock the Wilson Ponds near their hatchery in Nampa with about 400 8"-12" rainbow trout every week. If you are looking to get the kids out and keep a couple pan sized fish per angler, this is a nice close local spot. The updated regulations for that area make it much easier to simply fish any pond/creek you see after parking and know that your limit is 2.

Ice Fishing

Although we've had some warm days in the valley, it sounds like some of the local favorites like Magic Reservoir, Cascade, and Horsethief are all still pretty safe ice. Magic and Cascade have paved roads right up to the ice for folks who do not have 4x4s. If you've never been before, it's not a bad way to get out during the winter and doesn't take a crazy amount of extra gear. Idaho Fish and Game has some great articles on their site to get you started. A couple words of advice for the newcomer though; be prepared to entertain yourself if the fishing is slow, or make sure you're willing to move around the lake until you do find the fish. On a sunny day though, you might be surprised just how comfortable standing on a sheet of ice can be.

Rivers and Fly Fishing

There are a few spots locally that can be accessed for some easy river fishing or even getting a fly wet without needing waders. Glenwood bridge just south of State street gets you up close and personal with some good (but very popular) water. Then there are spots upriver of Glenwood all the way to Barber Park (where the rafters put in during the summer) that you can explore. The river is not stocked heavily during the winter, but can still be excellent fishing for those who put in the time to find big fish.

For those who were inspired by the expo this weekend to break out the fly rod, try a streamer!

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