Southwest Idaho Fishing Report April 9th


Magic Reservoir, Mormon Reservoir, Little Wood Reservoir Conditions

These reservoirs are officially melting. Magic Reservoir for sure has open, fishable water from the bank but beware; it may be a wet muddy bank. Expect the other two to have similar conditions. It's not time to launch boats yet, but if you can stand the cool temperatures a smaller craft might do very well fishing the edges for ice-off trout.

Lucky Peak Reservoir, Arrowrock Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir Fishing Report

Starting to hear and see a few reports of decent days on these bodies of water for trout and land-locked salmon from folks trolling with boats. Bank access and success seems to be decent lately as well. Fishing should really get good as they reservoirs fill this Spring and water temps warm just a bit more. Access to launch boats is still a bit difficult. Expect mud on the drive to Arrowrock and Anderson with the recent weather. Water levels are still low as the dam operators save room for all the runoff we're due for. Lucky Peak is paved to many ramps of course, but levels are still below most docks, though you can take pavement all the way down to the water and climb on from the trailer to launch. Bring your waders or tall boots.

Idaho Fish and Game recently put out an interesting piece on these three waters as the "Silver Triangle" of Kokanee. Be sure to keep your catch limits straight, it's not the same on all three (and the only right place to get your info is from Idaho Fish and Game direct; not your friend, not the tackle shop, not internet forums, and sadly not here either).

Boise River in Town Fishing Report

Be careful, the flows are high! But there are still fish to be caught (as always) with flies or with tackle.

Treasure Valley Ponds Fishing Report

Yes. Just yes. Now is the time; the bass are flexing their muscles, F&G is stocking trout, panfish are starting to get hungry, even carp and catfish may get in on the action. Go give it a try.

South Fork Boise River, Middle Fork Boise River, North Fork Boise River Conditions

The South Fork is closed! Flows can be high on both the Middle and North Forks and the roads may be tough going. Be careful!

Cascade Lake, Horsethief Reservoir Conditions

Right now is an odd time, there's still a lot of ice but it's either not accessible or really not safe. Wait a few weeks for ice-off and fish the banks or get your craft ready.

Swan Falls Reservoir, C.J. Strike Reservoir, Brownlee Reservoir Conditions & Fishing Reports

Get out and find out for yourself! The pictures of the big catfish are showing up, the bass are biting, the crappie must be on the way soon. Be there when it all starts. Boat launches at C.J. Strike are convenient as always, Brownlee levels are a bit low at the moment but that will change.

Hagerman Area Fishing Report

Always worth a shot this time of year. Creeks and ponds have willing trout- some stocked, some a little wilder. There are places to access the Snake there as well. Always a new place to explore, or ADA accessible spots for the whole family.

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