Southern Idaho Fishing Report - Ready for March


Southern Idaho Fishing Report - Ready for March

It may still be a little cold out, but warmer weather is right around the corner. You don't have to give up on ice fishing, but CFR has attention turned towards some new and different options.

Opening In March

The Hagerman Wildlife Management Area is open for business on March first and is always well stocked with trout. But don't just take our word for it:

Idaho F&G Fishing Planner

Found this old Idaho Statesman article particularly informative and well written.

And one more article just to prove the point.

Take everything in your fishing arsenal and if you aren't catching fish for 20-30 minutes, try something else. The fish should be stocked so thick you can see them.

Fly Fishing

See our recent hatch chart for some popular options this coming month. Several fly shops have consistent reports out too, check for links to those on the full reports page. It may also be your last chance to fish rivers like the Malad, South Fork Boise, stretch of the Payette along the highway between Cascade and Boise before high spring water flows make them unsafe OR they are closed for the spawning season.

Bank Fishing

Idaho Fish and Game has resumed stocking of local ponds, rivers, and creeks in full force. Take a look at their schedule, or just stop by whatever water is closest to you. If you are after bigger fish, more fish, or bigger water then turn your eyes to the reservoirs like C.J. Strike, Brownlee, Lucky Peak, Arrowrock. And there are also some "destination" waters like Crane Falls. Horsethief and Cascade are still frozen over for now and -if you haven't heard- Camas Reservoir was salvaged and drained last year so give that a pass for now.

Boat Fishing

Those same reservoirs mentioned above are good bets. Water behind Boise River dams will be filling, and the fish are going to be eating. Docks along the Snake River are almost always usable. Especially late March begins your chance to get onto a school of warmer water fish and starting filling coolers. Oh, don't forget Owyhee Reservoir for crappie as well. When we know what size the schools seem to be this year, we'll update everyone.

Don't Forget...

Come back and tell us how your trips went, we may all learn something.

Need More Info?

We get it, you can never learn enough about fishing. Here are some places to go next that might help you.

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