Most Southern Idaho Lakes Iced Over


Ice Fishing Updates

One day can be totally different than the next, so the real news for ice fishing is just that safe solid ice is starting to show up everywhere in the Southern half of Idaho. Some of the real big reservoirs still have open patches or recent ice in the main body, but coves and near dams seem to be forming up nicely. Cascade is very safe and people are starting to take machines out on the ice.

We highly recommend joining local fishing groups on social media for tips, tricks, and latest action. You can also phone area tackle shops for down to the minute advice on ice and how to catch fish. Support your local businesses!

Unfortunately, it sounds like Northern Idaho is still waiting for their ice. Maybe go try to catch a steelhead while you're waiting, guys.


Though we don't hear a lot of activity, people still fish the bank in a few places for trout or even bass if you can believe it. Fly fishermen know there are some decent rivers to catch winter trout as well. If you go pack your tiny flies, or maybe your giant streamers, but not much in between.

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