Idaho Fishing Report October 8th


Magic Reservoir, Mormon Reservoir, Little Wood Reservoir, Little Camas Fishing Report

Algae warning lifted from Magic, the Browns are likely running up the river for spawning season. Rainbows should be quite catchable as they cruise for food before winter. Mormon still has algae as far as we know, as does Camas.

Lucky Peak Reservoir, Arrowrock Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir Fishing Report

Some folks say this is a great time of year for bank fishing. The water levels will be getting low and tougher to launch boats for a while.

Boise River in Town Fishing Report

Absolutely wonderful, have fun.

Treasure Valley Ponds Fishing Report

Give them a try for sure, warmwater fish will still be active, and stocked trout should be there all Fall.

South Fork Boise River, Middle Fork Boise River, North Fork Boise River Conditions

Kokanee are probably all done running at this point, trout should still be super hungry and flows totally wadeable. The South Fork in particular is finally at normal levels.

Cascade Lake, Horsethief Reservoir, Deadwood Reservoir Conditions

Ice will hit before you even realize it. Bank and boat fishers probably want to get there this month while they can. Ice fisherman will be watching the overnight lows in just a few weeks.

Swan Falls Reservoir, C.J. Strike Reservoir, Brownlee Reservoir Fishing Reports

Good things happening in all of these places, but C.J. in particular has seen some excellent catch pictures of Bass, Perch, and Crappie. Could turn very fast, so grab your boat and head out if you can.

Lake Lowell Fishing Report

Algae may be dying down now, and there are a few good Bass pictures coming our way. They're hungry this time of year so it's worth a shot for sure.

Hagerman Area Fishing Report

The WMA closes to trout fishing at the end of this month. Still lots of ponds, lakes, and the Snake River to choose from too.

More Rivers

The shore bugs are probably gone at this point but the river bugs like mayflies etc are going to be around for a month or two yet and provide many opportunities.

Henry's Lake Fishing Report

Weeds will be dying down, and the fish will be cruising. There is talk that in the Fall the Cutthroats will "false spawn" and come right in near shore and inlets.

Duck Valley

Should be back on the map from now until June-ish, with a few months of ice fishing thrown in.

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