Idaho Fishing Report April 23rd


Magic Reservoir, Mormon Reservoir, Little Wood Reservoir Conditions

All should be fishable from the bank at this point, and in all likelihood they're ready for boats now too. Haven't heard much about catch rates yet. Fish and Game released a nice read about Mormon Reservoir last week, which certainly makes one excited to find out if the trout are still thick in there this spring.

Lucky Peak Reservoir, Arrowrock Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir Fishing Report

They are still not full, the dam operators (that's not a pun) are keeping room open for all the snow melt. Don't let that stop you though, the fishing is getting good for the land-locked salmon in all three and the bass in Anderson. Bank fishing and trolling are both valid options.

Boise River in Town Fishing Report

Be careful, the flows are even higher than our last report! But there are still fish to be caught (as always) with flies or with tackle.

Treasure Valley Ponds Fishing Report

They're full of fish. Trout, bass, panfish, and even cats. Whatever your trusty method of fishing is should produce something if you try hard enough.

South Fork Boise River, Middle Fork Boise River, North Fork Boise River Conditions

(Nothing new from last time). The South Fork is closed! Flows can be high on both the Middle and North Forks and the roads may be tough going. Be careful!

Cascade Lake, Horsethief Reservoir Conditions

Cascade is open for bank fishing, and given a few days should be ready for boats. Horsethief usually follows suit, but haven't heard any direct reports. If you go be sure to come back and let us know.

Swan Falls Reservoir, C.J. Strike Reservoir, Brownlee Reservoir Conditions & Fishing Reports

Boat launches at C.J. Strike are convenient as always, Brownlee levels are still a bit low. Haven't heard anything about Swan Falls yet but the bass should be active there, as they are at C.J. already. Crappie are coming out of Brownlee but not in numbers yet. Crappie out of C.J. are reportedly small, at least so far. Could still take off any day now, especially as we get sunny days warming that water.

Hagerman Area Fishing Report

(Nothing new from last report) Always worth a shot this time of year. Creeks and ponds have willing trout- some stocked, some a little wilder. There are places to access the Snake there as well. Always a new place to explore, or ADA accessible spots for the whole family.

Duck Valley

Now is the time when the fishing can be absolutely fantastic, as the trout wake up from winter and eat hard. Leeches and perch patterns, as well as scuds and nymphs if you're fly fishing. Traditional bank fishing methods work fine too. Watch out for wind!

More Rivers

(Especially for you fly fishers out there.) The Owyhee River is going to be good but very popular this time of year without many other rivers open. Blue Wing Olive mayflies are a must, especially if you get a good cloudy day. You'll need an Oregon license to fish the protected waters right below the dam where the brown trout are thick. You have to let the brown trout go, but they do stock some rainbows for keeps and it's actually not restricted to fly fishing, even though it's very popular for the dry fly folks.

This time of year there are still some spring-fed creeks, or creeks that aren't blown out by the runoff water. It may take a little exploring, but they can be worth casting a dry fly. Especially for cutthroat!

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