F&G Magic Valley FB Post January

Conservation Officer Report, Idaho Fish and Game (Magic Valley)

The following is taken straight from the regional Facebook page for Fish and Game. We highly recommend that you follow them and/or your local region's profile for some excellent and highly updated info.

MORMON RES: 1/6/2018. Sunday on Mormon, success was depending on where you drill holes and how much experience you have: the experienced folks had very nice trout on the ice with one group 5 having 9 trout, 5 of which were about 4 pounds each. Other groups had a couple of 16” to 18” trout on the ice. 8” perch were being caught and kept by most of the anglers. Ice is about 14” thick everywhere.

MAGIC RES: 1/6/2018. Fishing report from Saturday. Royse and I walked and checked everybody fishing on the reservoir (approximately 100+ people). Locations include Camas Creek arm, 8-10” ice, folks using snow machines and ATV’s to get there from the Hot Springs and Moonstone Ramps. The Big Wood arm is open water again and the ice is very thin right at the confluence. People were avoiding it as they should have been. A few trout and perch being caught.

Magic Dam area, 6-8” ice, lots of 8’ perch being caught and a few scattered trout. Guys with fish finders were doing well.

Lava Cove, Biscuit Island and West side ramp areas. Lots of 8’ perch and a few nice 14-18” trout. Solid 8-10” of ice. Sleds and wheelers being used. The road over to the North side of Lava and Biscuit is no place for a two wheel drive vehicle. The steep uphill curve at the back of Lava Creek is solid ice. Just saying.

Perch eyes, cut bait and jigs were all catching fish.

Nobody fishing the main body of the reservoir yet. Walking on the ice was easy due to lack of snow. That has changed after this weekend’s storms.

BIG WOOD RIVER: 1/5/2018. The Big Wood River is open from HS Landing upstream and in the canyon below the dam. The usual midge hatch in the warmer part of the day.

Overnight the storm dumped 8-10” of wind driven snow on the ground in Hailey, that joins the 5” from Saturday night. Magic likely has about the same amount.

Several people were reminded to renew their fishing licenses to 2019 models and carry them with you.