F&G Magic Valley FB Post January 2

Conservation Officer Report, Idaho Fish and Game (Magic Valley)

The following is taken straight from the regional Facebook page for Fish and Game. We highly recommend that you follow them and/or your local region's profile for some excellent and highly updated info.

Oakley Res: 1/27. Oakley has open water at the mouth of Trapper, and near the point across from the ramp. Six feet of open water around the reservoir edge from ramp to the dam. Ice is 6-8 inches thick. Catch is slow on the ice.

Salmon Falls Creek Res: 1/27. Salmon had no ice fisherman. The edges were gone and a guy was fishing open water at Grays. This fisherman had 2 nice sized trout.

Roseworth Res: 1/27. Had several groups on the ice. There were places with open water around the edges but the fisherman I talked to were in about 6 inches of ice. I would assume with these warmer days it will not be safe to get on ice. Fishing was fairly slow.

Magic Res: 1/27. Anglers on ice indicated catch rates were very low. Limited perch harvest near biscuit island. Ice holding up well at about 14 inches.