Outings 2019

2019 CFR Fly Fishing Outings


You've been invited to attend a day of fly fishing organized by CFR this year. Please find our tentative dates below. As each trip approaches, more details will be provided. To RSVP to a trip, please fill out the form on the bottom of the page. Lunch is provided by CFR on each outing, so an accurate count is appreciated. Hope to see you soon!

Spring Opener

Possible destination: Hagerman Wildlife Management Area

Possible dates: March 1, 2

Description: Though the fish are all from the nearby hatchery, this can be a fun place to catch trout on a fly, especially for beginners. And yes, we realize March first is not technically springtime, but hopefully it will feel like it, and the WMA is very well stocked when they open the season.

Summertime Pond Fishing (Kids Encouraged!)

Possible destination: ponds near Eagle, Idaho

Possible dates: mid-June after school is out

Description: Give your kid(s) a chance to catch their first fish ever on a fly. Bluegill are hungry, curious, and colorful; making them a great target for young anglers.

Fall River Cleanup

Possible destination: Boise River in Town

Possible dates: a Saturday that BSU is not playing

Description: Bring your fly rod and a spare garbage bag to the river and do a little cleaning while you catch the hungry fall trout. It's always nice to leave our waters a little better than we find them.


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