How CFR Works

Step 1

Create an account in order to access all the features of the site.

registration form
























Step 2

Browse fishing reports shared by other users in order to learn from experience about nearby places to fish and good ways to fool the big ones.

Step 3

dock on a lake





















Hit the water! (and hopefully catch some fish)

Step 4

Come back to the CFR site and spend about 3 minutes to show off your photos, let people know where you went on your trip (in general, we don't need to know about your honey hole) and provide some pointers on what caught fish and what didn't.

...then start back at Step 2 and keep it going.

Step 5 (bonus)

Tell a friend about the site and help grow the community.

Even More

There's other features on the site to explore as well that are open to everyone; full reports, highlights on the home page, contacting us directly. And more features are on the way.