Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see angler reports?

You can see angler reports if your friend shares one on Facebook or if it's featured on the home page or if your friend emails you a link and so on. Log in or become a member in order to access the searchable list of all fishing reports. There's no charge and we don't give out your info.

If I share a report on CFR, can I share it on social media too?

Yes, and please do. Even users who aren't members will be able to take a look if you share a link directly to your report.

What should I include when I share a report?

Everyone loves pictures. You can link to YouTube if you made a video, or to a blog if you want. But above all, we hope you'll post a sentence or two about the type of fish you caught and how you found them or tempted them into your hands. Help the next guy out just a bit.

Won't reporting about good fishing ruin my favorite spot?

Not really. Popular rivers and lakes don't get ruined overnight, and we don't want a map to your grandpa's secret Shangri-La. It's totally up to you how much detail you share about where you were fishing. We just ask for a State and a County, but hopefully you'll at least mention what type of body of water you were on. The main point of CFR is to help anglers know when the fishing is good (like spawning season for crappie) and how to catch more fish (maybe someone is learning to fly fish for the first time).

Why do I have to become a member to see angler reports?

During sign up, we ask you to promise to report on the trips you take, in order to give back to the community. The site doesn't work with all takers and no givers. As a member you also have the option of receiving brief reminder emails once a month in case you think you'll forget to post.

What's the difference between an angler report and a full report?

Angler reports are the story of a single fishing outing and may help others learn specific methods to catch fish, or maybe just show off a particularly great catch. An angler report may just be fun to read about, or maybe it'll help someone find success doing something new for the first time. On the other hand, full reports are a more general compilation that attempt to keep anglers informed of major conditions at popular destinations. We're not giving away secret spots, but if a boat launch is not accessible, or the ice has melted for the season, or a river is flooded in the spring, or if the fish have started spawning... you get the idea. We feel it's worth keeping anglers informed. Some full reports are compiled by CFR, and some full reports will be links to other sites. Oh, and best of all, full reports are open to everyone to check out; member or no.

What areas are covered by CFR?

Someday we hope this site can reach the entire angling world. Right now, we're just getting our feet wet - so to speak - and we're focused on reaching folks in the Northwest USA. If you want to help grow the community, please reach out via our contact page.

What's the catch? What's in it for the people who run the site?

Right now nothing. We genuinely just love fishing and want to make it more accessible for people. Over time, we'd like to turn this site into a platform for helping to clean up popular fishing destinations, educating people on how to keep fish around for future generations, and maybe turn it into a full time job instead of a hobby.

I'm a guide or a fly shop, can I promote my business on CFR?

Absolutely. If you or a customer go on a trip, share it. If you're providing good info then there's no harm in linking back to your site or including a phone number for other members who might want the trip of a lifetime. You are also welcome to post links to your own fishing reports as well. Please consider linking back to CFR on your end.

I'm a vendor, can I advertise on CFR?

You sure can, we offer areas on the site to place a logo or small, unobtrusive ad if you'd like to support the community financially or with return advertisement on your site and/or in your shop.