F*** Prince Nymphs

I'm going to describe the trip we took recently, and you're going to tell me if it was a good one or a bad one.


We didn't catch big fish. We didn't catch many fish. We didn't catch the fish we expected to. We didn't catch fish the way we expected. It rained on us so much that we were wet inside our rain jackets. We lost flies. We broke a rod. Ok, you be the judge; good trip or bad trip?


Wrong, it was actually a good trip, and let me tell you why.

  • We still caught fish
  • I won't repeat the old cliche, but it was a day out on the water with my dad, and I'm going to take every one of those I can get while he's still fishing
  • We saw fish
  • We caught fish in unexpected ways


So, why am I complaining about Prince Nymphs? Because that was my tie on fly. Everyone catches fish on Prince Nymphs, everyone recommends them, everyone sells them, and I have them in my box and they always sound like a good idea. They're not. I have never caught fish on them (ignoring bluegill, because I've caught those on a bare hook). And I'm not an idiot, I've fished a stretch of water with a prince and caught nothing, switched flies, then gone back through and caught fish on something else.


We had a good day because I didn't get caught up on what should have worked. There were a bunch of things that should have worked on that trip that just plain didn't. We didn't even catch fish in the river, we went up to the reservoir above instead and caught all sorts of stuff we weren't even there for. We saw big shadows of fish that we could only guess about hooking. We fished with different lines, weird flies, working on our casting, and let ourselves be surprised. We listened to Brooks Koepka run away with another Major golf championship.


My points are these:

Who cares what's supposed to work? Put something crazy on the end of your line and see what happens.


Who cares what you wanted out of the fishing trip, did you appreciate what you got?



Oh, and Prince Nymphs can go take a leap. I really hate Prince Nymphs.