Horsethief and Cascade (Ice Report)

How Was The Fishing?

We actually didn't catch a lot of fish, so this is really more of an ice report, but chose "good" because we're excited to be ice fishing for the year.


Horsethief at King's Point had 4" of what felt like comfortable ice out at least a hundred feet. There were some pressure ridges that we decided not to cross, and there were definitely some 'reverberations' on the ice that sounded pretty weird while we were out there. But nothing to really worry us, probably could have explored a lot more. There were other groups out on other parts of the lake, and the entire lake is frozen to at least some degree (all pictures attached are from Horsethief, judge ice for yourself the holes are 6" wide).

Cascade is open water pretty much south of Sugerloaf. We talked to Dale at Tackle Tom's and heard there were folks catching perch through over 4" of ice by Boulder Creek. We drove all the way around to Poison Creek near the end of the day and found 4-5" of cloudy ice underneath an inch or two of slush and crust (boy is that a weird feeling breaking through). In about 30 minutes of fishing in about 25 feet of water directly out from the ramp we had no bites and marked no fish.


The drive from Boise up to Cascade was wonderful, great roads. The road into Horsethief was fairly recently plowed but you'll want 4x4 for the very end, especially for the parking areas. Getting around the big lake was easy, and parking lot at Poison Creek is plowed.


Mostly was a gear tuneup on this outing, but spoons and powerbait both got bites from trout at Horsethief. As you can see, I've got some homemade hook setters going for this year, and I think they still need a bit of tuning because we missed a fair number of bites. For anyone who was there around this time last year and remember the big open/thin ice are by the boat dock which was full of Kokanee... bad news, it is not there this year. We marked occasional fish but no big school like last year.