Duck Valley - Mountain View

How Was The Fishing?

Road Report:

Excellent, we were in a small fwd hatchback and never felt nervous. Dry most of the way, easy access at the dock and RV area.

Ice Report:

Safe but annoying. Plenty of solid ice but an inch of water on top and then a layer of crust. Walking is tiring and slushy.

Fishing Report:

Normally we go to Duck Valley for the Trout but this time went to catch Perch. We found them in deeper water, over 15 feet and preferably 20. We found water as deep as 24 closer to the dam. The smaller perch we caught by jigging the bottom. We'd see schools move through on the finder. The larger perch were caught on top ups, jaw hackers, and homemade hook setters. Bottom half of the water column but we caught them as much as 10 feet off the bottom. The big ones seemed to come through one at a time occasionally and covering more are seemed to help.

Towards the end of the day we moved closer to shore and caught two 20" trout on dead sticks. 10-5 feet of water.

We talked to some other groups who characterised the day as slow, so... I'll take that.