Hungry Trout at Esther Ponds

How Was The Fishing?

I needed to buy my 2019 invasive species stickers so that my family's paddle boards would be ready to use for the year. Figured, while I'm at it I may as well fish for a few hours, so I went to Idaho River Sports by Whitewater Park for the afternoon. Once I had the new sticker, I gave the paddle board a spring tune-up on the water. My fly rod was rigged with floating line and the hopes of casting to a carp for a big fight, or maybe getting a bass to bite a woolly bugger. After an hour and a half without seeing any sign of either type of fish, I put a couple big split shot on my leader and just started slowly paddling back through the middle of both lakes towards the parking lot. In the space of about an hour I landed three trout, lost one on it's fourth acrobatic jump, and had another on for about two seconds before it spat the hook. Should have spent my whole time focused on trout! For hatchery plants, they fought surprisingly well, and even though I had to drop my paddles to set the hook whenever I saw the rod jump, they would bite again if I missed the first strike. So they were some hungry, aggressive little rainbows.

I missed the picture, but there was an Osprey in the park that caught two fish just while I was there as well. I'm guessing he caught his limit if he was fishing all day.