CFR Ice Fishing Trip

How Was The Fishing?

Ice Conditions: Excellent (people were driving around ATVs)

   Note: On the West side of the lake near the boat ramp there was an area of moving water that was not iced over like the rest of the lake. It is visible, use caution.

What caught fish: Gold/yellow colors, jigging, dead sticking, worms, tip-ups. It seemed pretty hard to go wrong, actually. Best though was likely a gold kastmaster

Where: that open water we just told you to stay away from? It seems the "spawning" kokanee congregate there, as well as some decent trout. We tried to keep a safe distance, but it seemed the closer we got the better the strikes.

Road in: was good. Parking was a bit dicey, and we made some new friends pushing each other out of snow banks.

Others: not a ton of folks out, it didn't feel crowded. It did seem everyone was catching enough fish to keep it interesting, all around the lake.

Species: rainbow trout, kokanee

Finally quit going to Cascade to get skunked and went somewhere where the fish were not as glamorous but the trip was way more fun.

Final note: my understanding is that empty bottles of Kokanee beer do not count against your daily bag limit. On a more serious note, we did clean up everything we brought with us, and also some fireworks that appear to have been shot off the night before. We're thankful to IF&G for stocking such a productive lake and the local Y for maintaining the area.