Idaho Ice Fishing Tournaments, Other Options, and Hatch Charts Coming Soon


Ice Fishing

Seems it's tournament weekend around the Southern Idaho area. Tackle Tom's tournament in Cascade and West Magic Rod & Gun Club's out at West Magic Resort are both open for business. Conditions on top of the ice are anyone's guess based on weather, but there's a lot of stable ice at both locations. Horsethief should be good as always, people have been saying good things about Mormon Reservoir, and if you're willing to pay for the daily permit Duck Valley can almost promise you a nice trout or several. Those latter options will probably demand at least 4 wheel drive though.

If you're adventurous, try Deadwood on a snowmobile and you'll probably be well rewarded.

Bank Fishing

Fish and Game is picking up their stocking effort again in the Southwest Idaho region. Thousands of pan sized trout are headed into ponds and streams, so take your families out there. Bigger lakes/reservoirs in our area remain ice-free with the warmer temperatures as well, and trout don't mind a little bit of cold; they'll still bite.

Fly Fishing

The South Fork of the Boise, Big Wood, Silver Creek, Boise River in town, Owyhee, Bruneau River are all at very fishable, wadable levels right now. You may have to go to small nymphs but there are fish to be caught for sure.

Hatch Chart

Speaking of fly fishing, CFR is working on a chart that will give folks an overview of the types of flies they'll want in their boxes depending on the water they wish to fish. Look for our March chart to be out sometime soon.

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