Idaho Fishing Report June 4th


It's been almost a month already since our last big summary, boy time flies. Hopefully, you've checked out some of the external reports and angler reports since then, but here goes.

Magic Reservoir, Mormon Reservoir, Little Wood Reservoir, Little Camas Fishing Report

Magic seems to be settling into it's normal routine. Not quite ready for warmwater fishing, but you never know when you'll have the trout trip of your life there. Mormon is still an odd story. Fish and Game seems to have gone in with cameras and still seen plenty of fish, and they're stocking it again. But no crazy good catches heard. You may give it a try but don't raise your expectations too much. Little Wood is usually consistent. Little Camas is getting stocked again, let's hope the water holds up for a few years so they grow up big.

Lucky Peak Reservoir, Arrowrock Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir Fishing Report

These are all just about full, and reporting lots of good news. Trolling from the surface down to 20' below has been reported as best, especially earlier in the day. Great bass fishing at Anderson still.

Boise River in Town Fishing Report

No news here from last month. Be careful, the flows are up there. But there are still fish to be caught (as always) with flies or with tackle.

Treasure Valley Ponds Fishing Report

Yes, give them a shot. Try not to hook someone swimming in the pond you're fishing.

South Fork Boise River, Middle Fork Boise River, North Fork Boise River Conditions

Though all are still high, the South Fork has opened back up for the year, so if you have a drift boat get going.

Cascade Lake, Horsethief Reservoir Conditions

Good fishing as usual at Horsethief though last heard that some of the campgrounds are shut down on one side of the lake at least temporarily. Trout are being caught at Lake Cascade. Did you hear Tackle Tom's is up for sale? Let's all start a collection and buy it so it stays Tackle Toms and not a Starbucks.

Swan Falls Reservoir, C.J. Strike Reservoir, Brownlee Reservoir Fishing Reports

Bass have pretty much spawned and are headed for deeper water now, at least in the reservoirs. Crappie are moving in, along with Bluegill. C.J. had a bunch of trout stocked too that people are catching. Not a bad time for Catfishing either.

Lake Lowell Fishing Report

Still seeing good reports on the Largemouth out there and the Carp shooting.

Owyhee Reservoir Fishing Report

Worth a trip for some bass fishing and maybe a zillion crappie. It is 100% full.

Hagerman Area Fishing Report

Lots to explore and lots of spots that are family friendly as well. Free fishing day is right around the corner and most of these ponds are going to be prepped for that in a big way.

Duck Valley Fishing Report

Still hearing positive stuff from there (as usual). Get out there before it warms up too much. Damsel flies are coming out.

More Rivers

(Especially for you fly fishers out there.) The Owyhee River flows just skyrocketed because the reservoir is full and water is coming through the glory hole at the same rate it flows above the reservoir (over 3000 cfs).

Silver Creek is open again, Henry's Fork and the whole Eastern area is pretty much open for business and absolutely worth putting in time.


Now hold on a moment, surely we're forgetting something... oh ya.


Henry's Lake Fishing Report

The news has pretty much been all good this year, after almost 6 months of suspense on how they'd get through the winter. Especially after a bummer opening weekend in 2018, it seems like there is a lot to look forward too at one of Idaho's favorite destinations this year.

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