Idaho Fishing Report August 7th


Got plenty of sunscreen?

Magic Reservoir, Mormon Reservoir, Little Wood Reservoir, Little Camas Fishing Report

Magic seems to be having a pretty normal year. Perch, trout, and smallmouth are all a possibility there. Magic is also big and not as popular with the ski boat guys as some of the other options so it's a good place to go if you're really dedicated to fishing.

Lucky Peak Reservoir, Arrowrock Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir Fishing Report

The Kokanee are still out there to be caught, start deep. You may want to fish closer to the creeks as the bigger fish are going to start thinking spawn time before you know it.

Boise River in Town Fishing Report

Fish and Game has started dumping in lots of catchables, count on that to continue well into Fall. The river will be packed from Barber to Ann Morrison and at all major intersections. Higher up or lower down the river will make it easier to cast without hooking someone.

Treasure Valley Ponds Fishing Report

They're going to trend towards bass and bluegill, and the occasional stocked catfish now that the weather is hot. Trout will be stocked in the river but not in the ponds until Fall. There are a few exceptions, of course, check out Fish and Game for stocking schedules.

South Fork Boise River, Middle Fork Boise River, North Fork Boise River Conditions

The South Fork levels are dropping and should be very fishable for pretty much everyone. Use some dry flies if you head up the Middle and North forks and you may have some fun.

Cascade Lake, Horsethief Reservoir, Deadwood Reservoir Conditions

These are all great places to go this time of year. Perch and lots of others at Cascade, Trout for days at Horsethief, all of the Salmonids to be found at Deadwood.

Swan Falls Reservoir, C.J. Strike Reservoir, Brownlee Reservoir Fishing Reports

Spring is over and the fish that are easier to catch from the bank are going to tend to be smaller and/or fewer. Get a boat to go hunting the larger bass or get your big sinkers and smelly stuff out for the catfish and just relax on the bank. River below these reservoirs is not a bad idea.

Lake Lowell Fishing Report

Getting hot, bass can be caught, but if history is any lesson we may see algae blooms soon. And the lake gets pretty full of jet boaters as well during the day.

Hagerman Area Fishing Report

There is some nice cool clean water out here. Great way to spend some time in the summer, and plenty of trout to keep it interesting.

More Rivers

Pretty much everything is open, and with the Summer come bugs like crickets, grasshoppers, ants, spiders. Lots of fun to go out and catch trout on the top.

Henry's Lake Fishing Report

Going to be very weedy here for a while but you can still catch fish.

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