West Magic

How Was The Fishing?

I was with a party of 7 and we started fishing around 11:00am, and it started pretty bad. And to be honest it didn't get much better. We fished for about 4-5 hours with very little action, by very little I mean we didn't catch anything. Finally we decided to pack it up, but as I was reeling in my last line it happened. My line got tight and my rod was bent for a moment I thought I was hooked on the bottom of the ice. But then my drag started to scream, I know this was not the 8-12 inch perch I was hoping for. But I was okay with that. After a few minutes a beautiful 20 inch brown trout came out of the ice.       

So now I told you my story here is what I was doing. I was at lava cove in about 30 feet of water using a perch pattern Rapala jig. I started at the bottom and jigged my way up. The fish took it about halfway up.

Best of luck to you, if you are going to Magic you just might need it.