Henry's Lake

How Was The Fishing?

We were up at dawn every day that we fished over the weekend. By early afternoon it was windy at minimum and often storming. We never fished later than 3pm. This was our first time at Henry's in many years, so I brought every rod, fly, and lure in the arsenal. Catching them on fly rods is my favorite, but try as I might it just wouldn't heat up no matter what nymph or leech I tried. Even when we found caddis and damsels hatching and tried to match the emergers it didn't seem the fish wanted to pay attention. But heck if a black and gold panther martin didn't catch fish like crazy. We launched inflatables off the county boat dock and out of the state park on varying days. Seemed to find larger fish by the county boat dock but all the real boats were launching and taking off somewhere I know not where. We never hooked into a real monster but it also never felt like we had a bad day.

One of the pictures I attached was of Buffalo River. We took a break one day to dry fly fish for small brookies. The river was easy to access but there were tubers littering the water and making it almost impossible to fish. If you're there on a weekday it may be worth a visit but otherwise yikes.