C.J. Strike

How Was The Fishing?

Drove out for the evening from Boise, and took Simco road to North Shore. Fished for about an hour and caught a small bass and crappie. Red jig.

We moved below the dam and caught 3 keeper smallies in about an hour. Again, red jig worked but also a fly tied with a white tail and grey bead head caught some really big ones.

Last we moved to the Cove for sunset. There was one boat anchored back in there and catching crappie pretty steadily but nothing huge. We caught a few small bass, crappie, and one odd carp from shore.

In general, at least for bank fishing, seems like great timing to catch smallmouth still but the crappie haven't really moved in thick close to shore yet. We were going to take some paddle boards out but the wind talked us out of it. Sorry for the poor picture, it's a still shot from some video we took.