Decent Ice in Duck Valley

How Was The Fishing?

We fished water between 3' and 9' deep fairly near the shore. It looked like everyone else on the lake (maybe 3-4 other groups) were doing the same. I actually saw a trout swim directly under the shallow hole and slash at my lure at one point, which was pretty cool, even though I missed setting the hook. Action was not fantastic, but was fairly steady for the 4 hours we fished. We tried a variety of jigs and spoons, some with action and some just dead in the water. Some had a little shrimp and some had worms, others were bare. After trying all that, it seemed like we only got interest in yellow or perch colored lures. Tipped with bait or not didn't seem to matter, and depth didn't seem critical either, though we hooked most of our fish 3-4 feet down. 3 of us had 10 lines in the water; half tip ups half ice rods. We never made it to a tip up while the fish was still on and we missed most of the fish on dead stick ice rods. Jigging was the most successful for actually setting the hook on a fish.

When we opened the fish up, we were amazed to find them absolutely full of snails, snails, and nothing else. The larger fish were darker in meat color. Felt like if we could have tweaked a couple things with our setup or found just a few more fish it could have been a really stellar day, but we'll take it. Flies that caught fish pictured.


(Scotty the snowman did not catch anything. In fact, I don't believe he purchased a license for the day, so we may not invite him on the next trip.)